Monday, April 8, 2013

A Book Blogging Confession from Nicole

Hi guys! So, somehow I managed to get through all the tests/homework/assignments I had from school and here I am, working on my abandoned book blog. It's been awhile since my last post, but me and Sarah have been infrequently posting at random times.

To keep a realistic goal, the Umbrella Dreams blog is not on a hiatus, but me and Sarah won't be posting every single day like in November/December 2012. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up high, as there's lots of things going on right now, so I can't promise a perfect scheduling of posts. However, in the summer, it will be a different story...hopefully.

Anyways, to keep you updated on everything bookish, I have some post ideas scheduled up, and I'm re-reading Unraveling because its sequel, Unbreakable is coming out this month! (need to refresh my memory after half a year) The cover of Unbreakble is so perfect!

Unbreakable (Unraveling, #2)
Four months after Ben disappeared through the portal to his home universe, Janelle believes she’ll never see him again. Her world is still devastated, but life is finally starting to resume some kind of normalcy. Until Interverse Agent Taylor Barclay shows up. Somebody from an alternate universe is running a human trafficking ring, kidnapping people and selling them on different Earths—and Ben is the prime suspect. Now his family has been imprisoned and will be executed if Ben doesn’t turn himself over within five days.

And when Janelle learns that someone she cares about—someone from her own world—has become one of the missing, she knows that she has to help Barclay, regardless of the danger. Now Janelle has five days to track down the real culprit. Five days to locate the missing people before they’re lost forever. Five days to reunite with the boy who stole her heart. But as the clues begin to add up, Janelle realizes that she’s in way over her head—and that she may not have known Ben as well as she thought. Can she uncover the truth before everyone she cares about is killed?

If you haven't read Unraveling, please read it now! You seriously will not regret it!

But anyways, getting back on topic, I've recently seen a lot of these "book blogging confessions" on some people's blogs. I thought it was a really neat idea, so I decided to do one of my own. I know I usually don't share much about my personal life, so you guys probably don't have an accurate idea of what my personality is like. But hey, you'll find out in my book blogging confession.

Nicole's Book Blogging Confesssion: I only buy books that I've read and loved.

Reason: I don't finish a lot of books. I think it's because I'm really picky and every little detail bothers me, but it's pretty rare that I will actually love a book to death. I also don't want to buy books that I will hate so I tend to buy only books I've read and loved.

What about you? What are your preferences to buying a book?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sea Of Monsters! :3

Hello! This is kinda random but has anyone here ever heard the Percy Jackson series? Pshhh, I'm kidding. Everyone has heard of it. At least I hope they do. :\ Well anyway, in case you don't know, I am a huge lover of PJ books but the movies not so much...

I was recently just browsing around on IMDb and guess what popped up? Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea of Monsters. Of course I was very interested so *click*. It was quite shocking in fact. There were quite a few reasons why and I tried listing them below. Hope you enjoy!

Its the trailer! Yay! Now I think this movie is going to be a bit better than the first movie because:
A). The plot of the movie actually kind of sounds like the book!
B). The style of the movie kind of sounds like Inception. You know, the part where its like dun... DUN... DUUUUUUNNNNN, you  know that right? Erm.. maybe its just me, hehe.

Look at the hair! They all changed! :(
Annabeth's (Alexandra Daddario) hair turned blond. I don't really mind that because her hair is actually blond in the book but then, why couldn't they have it turn blond in the first movie then?! Percy (Logan Lerman) also changed his look with a haircut. I don't know about you but his hair just turned a lot more uglier than before. Why? Of all the haircuts ;_;

The actors have changed too! Chiron from the Lightning Thief has switched along with Hermes and many characters have also been added. A new Chiron, Hermes and new characters Dionysus, Clarisse, Tyson and Chris Rodriguez have important roles. Unfortunately, Thalia still isn't included making me confused about the plot because Thalia is very important in this movie.

That's pretty much all I have to say about the new upcoming movie. I think I'll do a Movie + Book Review (like I did for I Am Number Four) for this once it comes out in August 16th. Make sure to subscribe, comment and share this with as many PJO fans as you possibly can. Pretty please? :)