Thursday, February 28, 2013


Have you ever had one of those moments where you pronounce a word wrong and everyone looks at you like, whaaaaat? So you say it again and then after the fifth time they understand what word you are trying to say. Hehe.... so embarrassing. Nicole and I both have experienced this. This is a quick post about it. 

Anatomy: [uh-nat-uh-mee]
1. the science dealing with the structure of animals and plants.
2. the structure of an animal or plant, or of any of its parts.
3. dissection of all or part of an animal or plant in order to study its structure.
4. a plant or animal that has been or will be dissected, or a model of such a dissected organism.
5. a skeleton

Yeah, I pronounced this word wrong. Its a simple word to say, but you know, I just had to pronounce it [an-uh-tom-ee]. The people I was saying it to didn't even understand what I was saying. :[ I cringe whenever I think of that word. Thanks a lot books, thank you.

 Archive: [ahr-kahyv]
1. Usually, archives. documents or records relating to the activities, business dealings, etc., of a person, family, corporation, association, community, or nation.
2. archives, a place where public records or other historical documents are kept.
3. any extensive record or collection of data: The encyclopedia is an archive of world history. The experience was sealed in the archive of her memory.
4. Digital Technology .
   a. a long-term storage device, as a disk or magnetic tape, or a computer directory or folder that   contains copies of files for backup or future reference.
   b. a collection of digital data stored in this way.
   c. a computer file containing one or more compressed files.
   d. a collection of information permanently stored on the Internet: The magazine has its entire archive online, from 1923 to the present.

Nicole said this one wrong. She was talking about the book "The Archive" or something like that when she suddenly pronounced archive wrong. I was wondering what she was talking about, and once I figured it out, I immediately corrected her. She was pronouncing it [ar-cheeve]. But she remembers how to properly say it now!

Meme: [meem]

I think we all know what a meme is. The shame about this one is that Nicole and I used the word frequently but in writing so our pronunciations were all wrong. Nicole pronounced it [mem] and I pronounced it [me-me]. And the thing about this word is that it sounds exactly like it looks so Nicole and I both have no excuses. Hehe...
That's it! Hoped you like this really quick post!

Monday, February 25, 2013


Book: Dualed by Elsie Chapman
Release Date: February 26th 2013 by Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages: 304 pages
Source: ARC from publisher

You or your Alt? Only one will survive.

The city of Kersh is a safe haven, but the price of safety is high. Everyone has a genetic Alternate—a twin raised by another family—and citizens must prove their worth by eliminating their Alts before their twentieth birthday. Survival means advanced schooling, a good job, marriage—life.

Fifteen-year-old West Grayer has trained as a fighter, preparing for the day when her assignment arrives and she will have one month to hunt down and kill her Alt. But then a tragic misstep shakes West’s confidence. Stricken with grief and guilt, she’s no longer certain that she’s the best version of herself, the version worthy of a future. If she is to have any chance of winning, she must stop running not only from her Alt, but also from love . . . though both have the power to destroy her.

Elsie Chapman's suspenseful YA debut weaves unexpected romance into a novel full of fast-paced action and thought-provoking philosophy. When the story ends, discussions will begin about this future society where every adult is a murderer and every child knows there is another out there who just might be better.

Dualed was one of the books I was most looking forward to reading in 2013. The blurb is just fantastic and I admit -- I have a soft spot for dystopian stories. Not only is the concept of Dualed is thrilling, but the writing, I soon discover as I read Dualed, is absolutely amazing. There's a lot of suspense in the way Elsie Chapman writes.

However, I also discover that as I read Dualed, I found some things I didn't like as much.

Firstly, there was the lack of background information. At certain times, I felt confused about which place was which, and I thought the description of places could be improved. I would also like to learn more about how their government works. As readers, we get learn some details of how Alts' lives work, but I feel like some more details are still needed.

Also, as I was reading Dualed, I found that the world-building isn't as solid as I would like it to be. From Dualed, I learned that the government is making doubles of people from two sets of parents, so they can each eliminate each other when they get older. That is to create a stronger society who will fight when war strikes. For whatever reason, I find that reason to be a really flimsy excuse. I wish that theory was further backed up with evidence or fleshed out more. Because the way I see it, whoever killed their Alt isn't neccesarily the strongest. It could always be luck, or as the story suggests, a striker for hire.

Next, there was the main character, West. I didn't hate her, but I didn't connect much with her either. At times, I couldn't really understand her actions. I was constantly asking myself why she wanted to be a striker (someone who was hired to kill another person's Alt). I think the reason why she started in the beginning was because she wanted to get practice for killing her own Alt. However, even after she got her assignment, she was still dealing with striker assignments rather than hunting down her own Alt. If anything, the plan to get practice actually backfired because she didn't truly work on her assignment until there were only a few days left.

Another reason why I couldn't connect with West was mainly because I was frustrated by how she couldn't kill her Alt. She kept dragging out the assignment, and a lot of unnecessary things have happened. I wish there was more of an actual plot going on, besides West trying to understand herself and getting the courage to kill her Alt.

However, at times, I found her to be really brave and kind. I liked how she helped Dess with training and I liked how she kept thinking about how to protect the person she cares about the most. I admit, I didn't always agree with what she did, but she had a good personality.

Lastly, there was Chord. Though his romance with West seem a bit forced (as they seem more like brother and sister), I did like him a lot. He was caring about West, and it really shows in the story. I also liked how the romance played a small part in Dualed. It was refreshing to see a story with just action and romance on the side.

So overall, Dualed was a good read, despite some things I mentioned in my review. There was a lot of potential in this story and for the most part, I did enjoy reading it. I couldn't completely agree with all the things West did, but she was an okay character most of the time. Chord was a fantastic character and the story was really fast-paced. I'm also looking forward to reading the sequel Divided because I'm curious about how this series will turn out. I would definitely recommend Dualed to readers who are looking for a quick, fun, dystopian book.

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In My Mailbox (5)

IMM is a blog meme that Sarah and Nicole will sometimes do on Mondays. This meme will briefly explain what books they got over the week. There is no constant schedule for IMMs, because Sarah and Nicole don't always get new books. In My Mailbox is a meme created by Kristi at The Story Siren.

Well! I was planning on doing a BATCH but since my head was completely blank about an idea, I ditched that. I just recently went to my library and checked out some sort of random books. These are books that I thought could be interesting, but I know NOTHING about whether or not if they are good, if there is romance, etc. Hope you enjoy!

His life could change the world. His death could save it.

It all started with a book. The most boring book in the world! So boring that nobody would ever read it. The perfect place to hide a terrible secret. But now the book has emerged from its hiding place and the world may never be the same.
An action-packed adventure which will have readers on the edge of their seat
From the best-selling and award-winning author of The Tomorrow Code and Brainjack
Perfect for kids who love Alex Rider


Callie lost her parents when the Spore Wars wiped out everyone between the ages of twenty and sixty. She and her little brother, Tyler, go on the run, living as squatters with their friend Michael and fighting off renegades who would kill them for a cookie. Callie's only hope is Prime Destinations, a disturbing place in Beverly Hills run by a mysterious figure known as the Old Man.

He hires teens to rent their bodies to Enders—seniors who want to be young again. Callie, desperate for the money that will keep her, Tyler, and Michael alive, agrees to be a donor. But the neurochip they place in Callie's head malfunctions and she wakes up in the life of her renter, living in her mansion, driving her cars, and going out with a senator's grandson. It feels almost like a fairy tale, until Callie discovers that her renter intends to do more than party—and that Prime Destinations' plans are more evil than Callie could ever have imagined. . . .

On board the moletrain Medes, Sham Yes ap Soorap watches in awe as he witnesses his first moldywarpe hunt: the giant mole bursting from the earth, the harpoonists targeting their prey, the battle resulting in one’s death and the other’s glory. But no matter how spectacular it is, Sham can't shake the sense that there is more to life than traveling the endless rails of the railsea–even if his captain can think only of the hunt for the ivory-coloured mole she’s been chasing since it took her arm all those years ago. When they come across a wrecked train, at first it's a welcome distraction. But what Sham finds in the derelict—a series of pictures hinting at something, somewhere, that should be impossible—leads to considerably more than he'd bargained for. Soon he's hunted on all sides, by pirates, trainsfolk, monsters and salvage-scrabblers. And it might not be just Sham's life that's about to change. It could be the whole of the railsea.

From China MiƩville comes a novel for readers of all ages, a gripping and brilliantly imagined take on Herman Melville's Moby-Dick that confirms his status as "the most original and talented voice to appear in several years." (Science Fiction Chronicle)
 Old ways are pitted against new horrors in this compellingly crafted dystopian tale about a girl who is both healer and seer.Two hundred years from now, blood has become the most valuable commodity on the planet—especially the blood of aboriginal peoples, for it contains antibodies that protect them from the Plague ravaging the rest of the world.

     Sixteen-year-old Cassandra Mercredi might be immune to Plague, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe—government forces are searching for those of aboriginal heritage to harvest their blood. When a search threatens Cassandra and her family, they flee to the Island: a mysterious and idyllic territory protected by the Band, a group of guerilla warriors—and by an enigmatic energy barrier that keeps outsiders out and the spirit world in. And though the village healer has taken her under her wing, and the tribal leader’s son into his heart, the creatures of the spirit world are angry, and they have chosen Cassandra to be their voice and instrument....

     Incorporating the traditions of the First Peoples as well as the more familiar stories of Greek mythology and Arthurian legend, Shadows Cast by Stars is a haunting, beautifully written story that breathes new life into ancient customs.

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Blogspiration (3)

Blogspiration is a weekly meme hosted by GrowingUp YA & Saz101. The meme was created to help spark inspiration among bloggers, readers & writers alike. An inspirational quote/picture/video is posted weekly, on the day of the author’s choosing, so that it may inspire creativity, conversation & just a little SOMETHING.

This is just a quick fill-in post for Nicole. I had to think of a quote and so my first thought was Percy Jackson. So, guess where this quote came from...

And since my computer hates me, photobucket has a new confusing editing thing. Because life is so hard, the picture is taken from Google Images. The shaaaaame. Oh well. Hope you enjoy this quote and think about it.(:

Also, this is the last week of Blogspiration! Though Nicole and I have only been doing Blogspiration for past month or so, we will miss Blogspiration greatly. It has provided a lot of inspiring quotes to share you you guys! And since Blogspiration is ending, we both want to thank Kristin for coming up with such a great meme! We will miss Blogspiration!

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This post is going to be a bit random and will be a special 1-time thing but I hope you'll enjoy reading this. By the way, most of my uncategorized posts will have some weird mumble-words as the title -in case you haven't noticed-. Here is the really random post:

Random Books With The Same Author Names As Us!

Southpointe High is the last place Lucy wanted to wind up her senior year of school. Right up until she stumbles into Jude Ryder, a guy whose name has become its own verb, and synonymous with trouble. He's got a rap sheet that runs longer than a senior thesis, has had his name sighed, shouted, and cursed by more women than Lucy dares to ask, and lives at the local boys home where disturbed seems to be the status quo for the residents. Lucy had a stable at best, quirky at worst, upbringing. She lives for wearing the satin down on her ballet shoes, has her sights set on Juilliard, and has been careful to keep trouble out of her life. Up until now. 
Jude's everything she needs to stay away from if she wants to separate her past from her future. Staying away, she's about to find out, is the only thing she's incapable of. 
For Lucy Larson and Jude Ryder, love's about to become the thing that tears them apart.

If you didn't guess yet, this is Nicole's same-author-name book (last names are different). Anyway, this book popped up on Goodreads and this was where I got my fabulous idea for a random post. This book looks pretty interesting even though its not Nicole's or my type of book.

a long, hot summer...That's what Macy has to look forward to while her boyfriend, Jason, is away at Brain Camp. Days will be spent at a boring job in the library, evenings will be filled with vocabulary drills for the SATs, and spare time will be passed with her mother, the two of them sharing a silent grief at the traumatic loss of Macy's father. But sometimes unexpected things can happen—things such as the catering job at Wish, with its fun-loving, chaotic crew. Or her sister's project of renovating the neglected beach house, awakening long-buried memories. Things such as meeting Wes, a boy with a past, a taste for Truth-telling, and an amazing artistic talent, the kind of boy who could turn any girl's world upside down. As Macy ventures out of her shell, she begins to wonder, Is it really better to be safe than sorry?

I'm sure you have heard of this author at least once. Sarah Dessen is a very famous author and although I will never read one of her books, I'm sure there is a reason why she is famous. 

That's it to the super short post! Hope you enjoyed. :)

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Being A Thursday Cover Hoard   

BATCH (1) photo BATCH1_zps188fadc6.jpg

Being a Thursday Cover Hoard is an original meme hosted by Sarah and Nicole of the Umbrella Dreams book blog. This meme features all things related to covers, including cover changes, our favorite covers, and etc...

Oh hello! This week's BATCH is going to be about the cover of this book:

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is more amazing than you would think. This book has a secret meaning to it that you won't understand until you read the entire book.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (4)

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It is a way of showing what upcoming releases you're excited for. This week's Waiting on Wednesday books are...

Rush by Eve Silver 

So what’s the game now? This, or the life I used to know?

When Miki Jones is pulled from her life, pulled through time and space into some kind of game—her carefully controlled life spirals into chaos. In the game, she and a team of other teens are sent on missions to eliminate the Drau, terrifying and beautiful alien creatures. There are no practice runs, no training, and no way out. Miki has only the guidance of secretive but maddeningly attractive team leader Jackson Tate, who says the game isn’t really a game, that what Miki and her new teammates do now determines their survival, and the survival of every other person on this planet. She laughs. He doesn’t. And then the game takes a deadly and terrifying turn.
The End Games by T. Michael Martin

 It happened on Halloween.

The world ended.

And a dangerous Game brought it back to life.

Seventeen-year-old Michael and his five-year-old brother, Patrick, have been battling monsters in The Game for weeks.

In the rural mountains of West Virginia, armed with only their rifle and their love for each other, the brothers follow Instructions from the mysterious Game Master. They spend their days searching for survivors, their nights fighting endless hordes of “Bellows”—creatures that roam the dark, roaring for flesh. And at this Game, Michael and Patrick are very good.

But The Game is changing.

The Bellows are evolving.

The Game Master is leading Michael and Patrick to other survivors—survivors who don’t play by the rules.

And the brothers will never be the same.

T. Michael Martin’s debut novel is a transcendent thriller filled with electrifying action, searing emotional insight, and unexpected romance.

So, yeah, that's our WoW picks this week! Which books are you waiting for?

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Blog Makeover

So, if you've been with Umbrella Dreams for awhile, you would notice that we have been through a big change! Before, our blog template was completely different. Now, things are located in different places, because Sarah and I have both decided to update some things.

Today, I'll be giving you guys a tour of the new blog.

The above picture is of our old blog template. Since I'm not the best at giving tours, I'll try the best I can to explain our new one.

New Things in Our Blog Templates

  • Updated Header (you can now read our blog title better)
  • Updated "About Us" Page (our "about us" page reflects us better now)
  • Updated Information Page (much easier to read; provides accurate info)
  • New "Contact Us" on sidebar (you can find us in other websites now)
  • Cleaner, easier to read posts
  • Awesome background
  • Get our new blog button!


Fun Stuff to Look Out For

  • "Popular Post" tab at the bottom of the page (check out which posts that people like the most)
  • Labels! Hover your mouse over it and see what happens!
  • New better designed posts

Feel free to get our blog button through the link! Our blog posts will now become more organized and convenient for you to read.

I hope you like the blog makeover! (:

Monday, February 11, 2013


Book: Ten by Gretchen McNeil   
Release Date: September 18th 2012 by Balzer + Bray   
Pages: 294 pages
Source: Library Copy
Don't spread the word!
Three-day weekend. Party at White Rock House on Henry Island.
You do NOT want to miss it.

It was supposed to be the weekend of their lives—an exclusive house party on Henry Island. Best friends Meg and Minnie each have their reasons for being there (which involve T.J., the school’s most eligible bachelor) and look forward to three glorious days of boys, booze and fun-filled luxury.

But what they expect is definitely not what they get, and what starts out as fun turns dark and twisted after the discovery of a DVD with a sinister message: Vengeance is mine.

Suddenly people are dying, and with a storm raging, the teens are cut off from the outside world. No electricity, no phones, no internet, and a ferry that isn’t scheduled to return for two days. As the deaths become more violent and the teens turn on each other, can Meg find the killer before more people die? Or is the killer closer to her than she could ever imagine?

Frankly, Ten disappointed me. I had expected this big murder mystery complete with suspense but that was not the case with this book. From a story with nearly 300 pages, only the last 80 pages were mildly interesting. I did not enjoy this book.

Nicole's Review

To get straight to the point, Meg was a pretty weak character. I didn't feel much sympathy for her even though the author tried to make her this sweet, understanding girl. She seemed more like a Mary Sue to me. Why? Well, she's in love with her best friend's crush but she's so loyal and kind that she's staying away from him. Her best friend also has issues, but Meg is also kind and understanding enough to forgive said best friend. Even though her best friend (Minnie) is absolutely nuts and I cannot stand that girl, Meg is apparently perfect/kind/awesome like that.

Meg's "amazing" personality made her feel like a 2-D flat character to me.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

REVIEW: Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (Review+Journal)

 photo images-3_zps2d5eb6af.jpg

Book: Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Released Date: June 7th 2011 by Quirk
Pages: 352
Source: Library
A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. And a strange collection of very curious photographs. It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children who once lived here - one of whom was his own grandfather - were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a desolate island for good reason. And somehow - impossible though it seems - they may still be alive


Sarah's Journal:

Page 51: This is a pretty good book, and the pictures are the type to give you nightmares. Luckily I don't get nightmares. :)

Page 135: Getting kind of freaky in the book... sweaty hands and getting a bit nervous. This is a really good book. The photographs are amazing.

Page _____ (Not going to say): HUUUUUUUUUUH?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, REALLY?! WOW.


Sarah's Review:

This wasn't like ANYTHING I expected.

Okay, so in the summary, it says that something might be alive. Let me tell you, DUH, there is something alive. The story doesn't end there though. I thought it would be some dull story about how the guy finds the monsters/people/whatever and then he defeats/saves/kills/hides from them. But it doesn't end there. He discovers the peculiar people, but that's only HALF the story. I was really amazed when I find out what the story is actually about (why the O: HUUUUUUUUH?! part is there). I think I might have been overreacting because I was still a bit spooked out from the pictures.

Friday, February 8, 2013

REVIEW: Surviving Antartica Reality TV 2083

Book: Surviving Antartica: Reality TV 2083
Published: November 7th 2006 by HarperTeen
Pages: 448
Source: Library
The wind and snow blow so hard, you can't see your hand in front of your face. Your heating fuel is nearly gone, and so is your food. How do you survive?

Five fourteen-year-olds face this desperate situation on a deadly journey in Antarctica. It is 2083. They are contes-tants on a reality TV show, Antarctic Survivor, which is set up to re-create Robert F. Scott's 1912 doomed attempt to be the first to reach the South Pole.

But in 2083 reality TV is not just an act. Contestants literally relive - or die during - the simulations of events. Robert Scott and his team were experienced explorers and scientists, but their attempt to reach the Pole proved fatal. What chance does the Antarctic Survivor team have?

This action-packed, riveting adventure - full of fascinating direct quotes from Scott's journals and other accounts of the expedition - is both a heart-wrenching drama from the past and a disquieting glimpse into the future.

Sarah's Review:

 This book was kind of an ehhhh. This book was entertaining because it provided me with an idea of what the future would/might look like in 2083. What I like a lot is how they actually give a specific year. Most dystopian books are like: Oh, its happening somewhere in the future. But I am just like: BUT WHEN. 

This book was really interesting, but I wish there was more action. And it lasted longer. The people were in Antarctica for quite a while, but they didn't even make it to the first safe zone. /:

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am in a state of excitement and also feeling pretty idiotic. I have JUST realized that the books I have been waiting for months have come out. I'm so excited to get my hands on them! Here are just a few I am super excited for:

June and Day arrive in Vegas just as the unthinkable happens: the Elector Primo dies, and his son Anden takes his place. With the Republic edging closer to chaos, the two join a group of Patriot rebels eager to help Day rescue his brother and offer passage to the Colonies. They have only one request—June and Day must assassinate the new Elector.
It’s their chance to change the nation, to give voice to a people silenced for too long.
But as June realizes this Elector is nothing like his father, she’s haunted by the choice ahead. What if Anden is a new beginning? What if revolution must be more than loss and vengeance, anger and blood—what if the Patriots are wrong?
In this highly-anticipated sequel, Lu delivers a breathtaking thriller with high stakes and cinematic action.

I can't believe I forgot about this book coming out! This is the sequel to Legend by Marie Lu. Gosh, that was one of my most favorite books! I recommended it to all of my friends and become obsessed over Prodigy for a short while. What's saddening is that since I forgot about this book coming out, I couldn't put my hold in the library as early as I hoped. :\

Nikki Beckett could only watch as her boyfriend, Jack, sacrificed himself to save her, taking her place in the Tunnels of the Everneath for eternity — a debt that should’ve been hers. She’s living a borrowed life, and she doesn’t know what to do with the guilt. And every night Jack appears in her dreams, lost and confused and wasting away.
Desperate for answers, Nikki turns to Cole, the immortal bad boy who wants to make her his queen — and the one person least likely to help. But his heart has been touched by everything about Nikki, and he agrees to assist her in the only way he can: by taking her to the Everneath himself.
Nikki and Cole descend into the Everneath, only to discover that their journey will be more difficult than they’d anticipated — and more deadly. But Nikki vows to stop at nothing to save Jack — even if it means making an incredible sacrifice of her own.
In this enthralling sequel to Everneath, Brodi Ashton tests the bonds of destiny and explores the lengths we’ll go to for the ones we love.
 Nicole and I have both been waiting for this book to come out. Let me tell you this: I am not looking forward to the romance. I am hoping that there is going to be more action in this book.  Since sequels are usually not as good as the original, I have high expectations for this book but do no expect it to be as good as the first.

Imagine a place where the dead rest on shelves like books.
Each body has a story to tell, a life seen in pictures that only Librarians can read. The dead are called Histories, and the vast realm in which they rest is the Archive.
Da first brought Mackenzie Bishop here four years ago, when she was twelve years old, frightened but determined to prove herself. Now Da is dead, and Mac has grown into what he once was, a ruthless Keeper, tasked with stopping often—violent Histories from waking up and getting out. Because of her job, she lies to the people she loves, and she knows fear for what it is: a useful tool for staying alive.
Being a Keeper isn’t just dangerous—it’s a constant reminder of those Mac has lost. Da’s death was hard enough, but now her little brother is gone too. Mac starts to wonder about the boundary between living and dying, sleeping and waking. In the Archive, the dead must never be disturbed. And yet, someone is deliberately altering Histories, erasing essential chapters. Unless Mac can piece together what remains, the Archive itself might crumble and fall.
In this haunting, richly imagined novel, Victoria Schwab reveals the thin lines between past and present, love and pain, trust and deceit, unbearable loss and hard-won redemption.
Nicole and I have been waiting for this one to come out. Since this is the first book in a series, I have no idea how this book will turn out to be. I'm hoping for another awesome book because I haven't read any good books lately.
An exotic treat set in an entirely original, fantastical world brimming with deadly mystery, forbidden romance, and heart-stopping adventure.
Nisha was abandoned at the gates of the City of a Thousand Dolls when she was just a child. Now sixteen, she lives on the grounds of the isolated estate, where orphan girls apprentice as musicians, healers, courtesans, and, if the rumors are true, assassins. Nisha makes her way as Matron’s assistant, her closest companions the mysterious cats that trail her shadow. Only when she begins a forbidden flirtation with the city’s handsome young courier does she let herself imagine a life outside the walls. Until one by one, girls around her start to die.
Before she becomes the next victim, Nisha decides to uncover the secrets that surround the girls’ deaths. But by getting involved, Nisha jeopardizes not only her own future in the City of a Thousand Dolls—but her own life.
The City Of Dolls- such a dramatic name. I hope it actually has to do with the story. Honestly, I just found out about this book a few minutes ago. I was just browsing through Goodreads and this book reminded me of something. It looks interesting enough and I hope to read it soon!

 Jess has a secret: a mysterious glass flask she finds in an heirloom desk's hidden compartment. Its surface swirls with iridescent colors, like something's inside, something almost like a song, something with a soul. No one else sees anything under the shifting glass, but Jess is convinced there must be some kind of magic in there. And when her twin brothers are born critically ill, Jess begins to believe that the force within the flask just might hold the key to saving her brothers-and her family. In this emotionally rich novel, award-winning author Nicky Singer crafts a world of possibility that is steeped in hope and the power of love.

This is another book that I have just discovered from Goodreads. It looks interesting enough. The cover is very interesting but gives away a bit too much. I think I already know how its going to end. :\

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Template Coming Soon!

Hello guys! As you probably know, Nicole and I have been looking at templates for a really long time. We've had over a total of 3-4 temporary templates and the current sandy/brown theme isn't really working for us. We both quickly got tired of it so Nicole has been making a template (the reason why she hasn't posted for a couple of days). As for me, I have been kind of... designing it? Nicole is doing the real work with the codes and finding the pictures. I've been giving my opinions about it.

We are both REALLY excited about our template. Its coming out on Saturday because we haven't given it the finishing touches yet. Here is a hint for our new template!

 Ta-Da! Its our color palette. Honestly, we don't even have a reason to show you guys this. Nicole just made one for fun and wanted to show it off to you guys~

Let me just say: I'm really thankful to Nicole for spending so much time procrastinating on the new template. I was really surprised when I looked at it a few minutes ago and realized just how awesome it is. That is why we are going to start using it in April! Mwahahaha, just kidding :)

All credit for the template goes to Nicole! :)