Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Makeover

So, if you've been with Umbrella Dreams for awhile, you would notice that we have been through a big change! Before, our blog template was completely different. Now, things are located in different places, because Sarah and I have both decided to update some things.

Today, I'll be giving you guys a tour of the new blog.

The above picture is of our old blog template. Since I'm not the best at giving tours, I'll try the best I can to explain our new one.

New Things in Our Blog Templates

  • Updated Header (you can now read our blog title better)
  • Updated "About Us" Page (our "about us" page reflects us better now)
  • Updated Information Page (much easier to read; provides accurate info)
  • New "Contact Us" on sidebar (you can find us in other websites now)
  • Cleaner, easier to read posts
  • Awesome background
  • Get our new blog button!


Fun Stuff to Look Out For

  • "Popular Post" tab at the bottom of the page (check out which posts that people like the most)
  • Labels! Hover your mouse over it and see what happens!
  • New better designed posts

Feel free to get our blog button through the link! Our blog posts will now become more organized and convenient for you to read.

I hope you like the blog makeover! (:

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