Thursday, February 28, 2013


Have you ever had one of those moments where you pronounce a word wrong and everyone looks at you like, whaaaaat? So you say it again and then after the fifth time they understand what word you are trying to say. Hehe.... so embarrassing. Nicole and I both have experienced this. This is a quick post about it. 

Anatomy: [uh-nat-uh-mee]
1. the science dealing with the structure of animals and plants.
2. the structure of an animal or plant, or of any of its parts.
3. dissection of all or part of an animal or plant in order to study its structure.
4. a plant or animal that has been or will be dissected, or a model of such a dissected organism.
5. a skeleton

Yeah, I pronounced this word wrong. Its a simple word to say, but you know, I just had to pronounce it [an-uh-tom-ee]. The people I was saying it to didn't even understand what I was saying. :[ I cringe whenever I think of that word. Thanks a lot books, thank you.

 Archive: [ahr-kahyv]
1. Usually, archives. documents or records relating to the activities, business dealings, etc., of a person, family, corporation, association, community, or nation.
2. archives, a place where public records or other historical documents are kept.
3. any extensive record or collection of data: The encyclopedia is an archive of world history. The experience was sealed in the archive of her memory.
4. Digital Technology .
   a. a long-term storage device, as a disk or magnetic tape, or a computer directory or folder that   contains copies of files for backup or future reference.
   b. a collection of digital data stored in this way.
   c. a computer file containing one or more compressed files.
   d. a collection of information permanently stored on the Internet: The magazine has its entire archive online, from 1923 to the present.

Nicole said this one wrong. She was talking about the book "The Archive" or something like that when she suddenly pronounced archive wrong. I was wondering what she was talking about, and once I figured it out, I immediately corrected her. She was pronouncing it [ar-cheeve]. But she remembers how to properly say it now!

Meme: [meem]

I think we all know what a meme is. The shame about this one is that Nicole and I used the word frequently but in writing so our pronunciations were all wrong. Nicole pronounced it [mem] and I pronounced it [me-me]. And the thing about this word is that it sounds exactly like it looks so Nicole and I both have no excuses. Hehe...
That's it! Hoped you like this really quick post!

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