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A Lot Can Happen In A Month [Jan + Feb + March 2013]

Welcome to the third monthly recap of Sarah and Nicole's book blog. It's now February 2013! Can you believe how time flies!? We are sorry that we missed out on the January Monthly Recap. To make up for it, this is a special edition of the monthly meme, featuring two months -- both January and February.

Book Reviews

Surviving Antartica Reality TV 2083 (Reviewed by Sarah; for full review, click here)

This book was kind of an ehhhh. This book was entertaining because it provided me with an idea of what the future would/might look like in 2083. What I like a lot is how they actually give a specific year. Most dystopian books are like: Oh, its happening somewhere in the future. But I am just like: BUT WHEN. 

This book was really interesting, but I wish there was more action. And it lasted longer. The people were in Antarctica for quite a while, but they didn't even make it to the first safe zone.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Reviewed by Sarah; for full review, click here)

This book deserves a five. In fact, I think it should go into the Hall of Fame but there was just something about the book that stops me from allowing it into the super awesome page. Maybe it was the darn cliffhanger.

Ten (Reviewed by Nicole; for full review, click here)

To get straight to the point, Meg was a pretty weak character. I didn't feel much sympathy for her even though the author tried to make her this sweet, understanding girl. She seemed more like a Mary Sue to me. Why? Well, she's in love with her best friend's crush but she's so loyal and kind that she's staying away from him. Her best friend also has issues, but Meg is also kind and understanding enough to forgive said best friend. Even though her best friend (Minnie) is absolutely nuts and I cannot stand that girl, Meg is apparently perfect/kind/awesome like that.

Under the Never Sky (Reviewed by Nicole; for full review, click here)

In most books I've read, the girl falls for the guy before they even get to know each other. But thankfully, that wasn't the case in this book. The romance actually turned out to be pretty good. I liked how it wasn't even romance at first, and that it started out as friendship between Aria and Perry. They had no reason to fall for each other at first sight because of their different backgrounds, so it hadn't happened. The romance made sense. They didn't fall head over heels for each other because of their looks either --- there was none of that. Their romance gradually transitioned and I enjoyed reading about it. 

*Because of space limitations, other reviews are linked but without a blurb of the official review.

I am Number Four
The Angel Experiment

A Quick Note from Nicole

Okay, so I know it isn't the end of the month yet, but I felt like this had to be posted ASAP because this monthly meme includes January, which is about 2 months ago. So yes, because of school, Sarah and I haven't been posting, but we are [somewhat] officially back. The past few weeks have been beyond stressful with too many tests at school and they aren't over yet. However, Sarah and I will try our best to keep posting. Also, it's Spring Break! (which explains my sudden appearance on our blog) 

Posts might still be delayed though, but they will at least show up sometime starting tomorrow.

That's it for this quick post!

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  1. Argh, school. I have ten thousand assignments to do and two tests next week that I will be away for! Needless to say, I will be staying away from my blogging until all this gets sorted out. Unfortunately, in Canada, we don't have spring break (we do have March break, but that was long over). Sigh.

    Anyway, I wish you guys all the best with school and hopefully, the stress doesn't get to you! :)