Thursday, November 22, 2012

BATCH (1) + The Introduction

BATCH is a new meme, but before I get into all of that, here's what you should know:

This is Sarah, and I have actually never heard of a book blog. Only when my friend asked me to co-blog for this blog, I was dragged into the world of book blogs. So when my friend introduced me into the memes,  I soon got an idea for a new one. Nicole was doing the usual IMM and WoW but I wanted something original so our blog wouldn't be a copy of all the others. So, I came up with the first BATCH.


In this completely original blog meme, Nicole and I will be introducing you to books with covers we find interesting, misleading, or simply beautiful. People do tend to judge books by their covers, but some of the most amazing books out there have the most ugliest covers. As well as the vice versa of which the most dazzling of covers lead to the most weakest stories. There are also some books where the covers are amazing, and the story is too, so it'll be our job to introduce you to all of those books too. This meme will not be a Sarah book and Nicole book type of meme but a simple 2-people-Googling-up-books-and-finding-them-pretty type of meme. We'll share our experiences and hopefully, this will help you guys out when you are looking for new books.

Book: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
Release Date: May 31st, 2011 (HarperTeen)
Pages: 487 Pages
Source: Library copy

How do you defy destiny?

Helen Hamilton has spent her entire sixteen years trying to hide how different she is—no easy task on an island as small and sheltered as Nantucket. And it's getting harder. Nightmares of a desperate desert journey have Helen waking parched, only to find her sheets damaged by dirt and dust. At school she's haunted by hallucinations of three women weeping tears of blood . . . and when Helen first crosses paths with Lucas Delos, she has no way of knowing they're destined to play the leading roles in a tragedy the Fates insist on repeating throughout history.

As Helen unlocks the secrets of her ancestry, she realizes that some myths are more than just legend. But even demigod powers might not be enough to defy the forces that are both drawing her and Lucas together—and trying to tear them apart.
As quoted from Nicole: I really wanted to like Starcrossed. I honestly did. But somehow, my plans took a different change of route. I ended up forcing myself to finish the last half of the book. 

Mini-Book Review from Nicole: This book had a lot of potential, in my opinion. The first chapter was prety promising..until the main boy character, Lucas showed up. Then it got super-cliche from there. People kept talking about him and he was the "most perfect guy ever." After that, it got interesting again: Helen wants to kill him, due to the Furies haunting her. But then all of a sudden, they fall in love and it just gets cliche all over. The next 300 pages or so is just about them fighting their fate, which is to replay the Trojan War, meaning she and Lucas can't be together. And the ending, when Helen's own mother tricked her and Lucas, it just felt really random. Not to mention, Helen was a really flat, 2-D character that had no voice. If you read it, you'll understand.

Sarah's thoughts without reading the book: Starcrossed sounds like a beautiful book, judging from its title and from the cover. But honestly, it does look kind of random. This book gives you a feeling of a good book, with a beautiful plot or something. DO NOT BE FOOLED. A tip is to read the introduction. Introductions are crucial to a good book. If it seems a bit boring, try a bit further and if it bores you, close the book and put it down. I have heard from Nicole that she absolutely hated it, so be warned: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

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