Thursday, November 15, 2012


Since this is a new blog, we are still learning a lot. There are things called "memes" that we need to worry about and book reviews that have deadlines. Here are some goals that are hopefully accomplished as this blog soon progresses.

- Have 100 posts.

- Have 100+ subscribers. We understand that this one is going to take a while. Because me and Nicole are still learning, our blog isn't that great yet. Therefore, we don't get many comments/subscribers/readers.  Hopefully, you can help us out by subscribing! All you have to do is click some buttons.

-Read 50 books by the end of December. All I have to do is read 25 books and Nicole will read 25 books.

-Review all 50 books. Most reviews will probably be posted somewhere in Janruary/February. But who knows? Maybe with patience, me and Nicole can post one review each day!

-Find a permanent template that we can stick to. The best thing about a blog is the templates to play around with. Right now, we are currently changing it, so don't be surprised if you find some random things here and there.

-Get 100 comments from you guys. You don't even have to write much; each reply (no matter how short) helps Umbrella Dreams become better.

-Fill out the A-Z. In the book reviews page, we'll try to cover all the book titles coming from a to z.

-Have a permanent schedule. We want a schedule that we can stick to, isn't too complicated, and isn't too little for you guys to read.

You can actually help us with most goals! The readers, besides books, are what keeps this blog running! By 2014 (rough estimate), we'll hopefully have a great blog with heavy subscribers, a lot more book reviews, and a bunch of new things for you to explore. Subscribe and be happy!

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