Saturday, November 24, 2012

RANDOM: How much do authors make?

RANDOM is a new meme that Nicole and I made up. It is:
This is a meme that I will usually be doing, as Nicole mainly does RANT. Like RANT, I will only be doing this once in a while. Usually the questions will just be random, and the post will be published randomly. I hope that my answers will be helpful. Nicole will help me out sometimes, since my geek skills aren't as great as hers. On certain days, Nicole might do this meme too. So, feel free to ask us any inquiries about book publishing, the industry, or books. We might run out of questions soon...

Question: How much do authors make?

Well, to answer this question, you have to know HOW a book is published. Usually, a publisher will buy the book from the author. Then the publishers think about how good the book is. If they think the book is worth a lot and can sell a large quantity of copies, they'll pay more for the book. So there is no specific amount of money they get for each book. The deals can range hugely, such as a million dollars to almost nothing. There is also another factor that is important to the authors' pay. A portion of the money earned from the amount of copies sold is given to the author. So basically, there is no specific amount. It just depends on how much the publisher will give right away and how many copies are sold. For more information about this, including a scale about the prices, check out the website I got my information from. The blog's name is Kaleb Nation. There are also these websites that I found helpful: The Rejecter and Kimberly Pauley.


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