Saturday, January 12, 2013


A Word from Nicole: Hi! So as promised, January 2013 started off with a lot of book reviews. I know Sarah and I haven't been posting much memes/discussion posts as we should have been, but we're still working on it. For now, we will be posting as much as we can; sometimes, the schedule will be a bit off. Just check back frequently, and there shall be a post at least 3 times a week!

However, today, there's a real treat! A BATCH post in what feels like forever. To recap, BATCH is about covers in all form, shape, or type. Today, I'll be introducing you to a set of covers and telling you which one is my favorite. And technically, I know it isn't Thursday, the day BATCH is intentionally for, but I'm excited to share this post with you guys. So, let's begin!

As you're probably aware of, the above covers are of the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. I have personally read the first book of the series, and I can't help but love the cover of it. By such coincidence, I like all of the covers in the series. Not to mention, Melissa Marr has some really great titles for her books!

However, after a lot of thoughts, I've decided that Wicked Lovely remains my favorite cover. I just absolutely love the green color scheme and the glitter on the girl's hands. There is this dark mysterious feel to the cover that really draws the reader in.

Wicked Lovely's cover is probably one of my most favorite covers of all-time.

What about you? Which cover of the Wicked Lovely series is your favorite?


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