Thursday, January 24, 2013


Being a Thursday Cover Hoard is an original meme hosted by Sarah and Nicole of the Umbrella Dreams book blog. This meme features all things related to covers, including cover changes, our favorite covers, and etc...

So, as you probably know, cover changes are big in the publishing industry company right now. I, personally, haven't been too bothered about them, mainly because I don't own a lot of books that's been through a cover change.

However, recently, I was at Barnes & Noble and I saw a cover change of a book I really liked, but haven't bought.

I was pretty surprised by the new cover because it wasn't as good as the old one.

The first cover didn't match the story (I get that) but the new cover doesn't match it either. In fact, I think between those two, I like the first one better. There's something really nice about the crackly font and the pink/grey color scheme in the background.

If I saw the second (new) cover, I probably wouldn't want to read the book as much.

However, that's just my opinion. What do you think of the Forgotten covers?

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