Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas!

So, like the title says, Merry Christmas! I know this post is kind of late, considering Christmas is almost over, but I felt like I needed to say that.

It's been a great two months and Umbrella Dreams would be nowhere without you guys! Thanks for reading my and Sarah's blog. With all the template changes, our blog will probably have some technical issues so thank you for not complaining.

We're also very apologetic for the lack of posts this month. We have had some reviews here and there, along with some BATCH posts, but we haven't gotten to share much about books. Our goal for the new 2013 year will be to consistently post more.

With the holiday season ending, me and Sarah are happy to present you with more YA books!

Stay tuned for more books! And have a happy holiday!

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