Saturday, December 8, 2012

TREND: Paranormal Books

For the past three years or so, a lot of trends in the YA books have been sprouting up. Awhile ago, after Twilight, it was all about vampires. After a bunch of Twilight haters started showing up, the "in" genre turned to paranormal. For another year or so, this satisfied many YA readers. Then The Hunger Games made its debut. In the past year, I've been seeing many, many, many dystopian books.

There was so much of them that I had even written a post on dystopian cliches. Click here to read it.

But besides that, I'm here to discuss the pros/cons of the paranormal genre and to share my opinion on this old trend. Continue reading to find out more about what I think.
Paranormal Books:

The above are only examples. There are A LOT more paranormal books out there. If you check at your local Barnes & Noble, you'll a big section dedicated to YA paranormal romance. If you scroll by Goodreads, you can see that there's tons of lists for YA paranormal books.

I couldn't fit all the books onto a collage like that, so only six examples are featured so far.

But ignoring that, paranormal books are usually dealing with mythical creatures. Such as vampires (Vampire Academy, Twilight), angels (Fallen, Beautiful Creatures, A Fratured Light), myths (Everneath, Starcrossed, The Goddess Test), and werewolves (Shiver).

They also have their own cliches:

  • Love triangles
  • "Perfect" main character
  • Good looking love interest
  • Mythical creatures
  • Some evil mythical creature
But while the cliches can sometimes bother me, there's a lot of pros and cons about paranormal books.


  • Usually quick to read
  • Lots of action
  • Easy to read (most of the time)
  • Plot twists that interests you

  • Cliches
  • Too predictable
  • Poor characters (sometimes)
  • Unoriginal
So really, in the end, it depends on the book you're reading. For me, some of my favorite paranormal books are Something Strange and Deadly and Everneath. There are also a handful that aren't my cup of tea. It just depends.

What do you think of this old trend?

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