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A Lot Can Happen In A Month [Dec 2012]

A Word from Nicole: Happy New Year's Eve! I'm proud to announce that this is the second month of book blogging me and Sarah has been through. I know she hasn't been posting a lot lately (I'm probably making you fall asleep with my lengthy posts) but she'll be back soon! I just find it slightly funny that we both just depend on the other to write the blog for a certain amount of time, then switch, and repeat. Anyways, let's start the recap for the month of December of 2012!


1. Glitch by Heather Anastasiu
Its so darn AVERAGE. I finally found the word for this story. Its average. The speed is average, the action/adventure is average, and the romance is average-ish. Its not bad, but its not good enough to be called good. I guess its a good story, but its not worth saying its the best. The speed is, guess what, average. Its not slow enough to bore me enough to make me stop reading, but its not fast enough to make me read and make me wonder what will happen next. As I was reading this, I kept looking up occasionally, just because it came to a particularly boring part. (Quote taken from the Glitch book review. Click here to read the full review)
2. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
To be honest, the ending killed me. I'll try not to spoil much but it did get tears in my eyes. It was the type of ending that you get in real life, but that didn't stop my sympathy. This ending will move your heart. (Quote taken from the Second Chance Summer book review. Click here to read the full review)
3. Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock
The plot was a pretty good idea. The perspective was pretty good too. The perspective was from a girl, Mac, and honestly, I find her annoying, but the perspective itself was fine. The storytelling was okay, I guess. I just wish it would be more vivid. It kind of felt like a blur, and a good way to put this as an example is when in a movie, they focus on one thing only, and everything surrounding it is a blur. Thats kind of how I felt like during the book. (Quote taken from the Hemlock book review. Click here to read the full review)
4. Everneath by Brodi Ashton
This was surprisingly fast. At least in my head. This was one of those stories where I couldn't stop reading because I was deep into the book. Everneath was one of those rare stories that I can't put down and read until midnight. I absolutely loved how it was fast-paced even though there wasn't action on every corner. (Quote taken from the Everneath book review. Click here to read the full review)
The pink titles are reviews written by Nicole. The blue titles are reviews written by Sarah.


Because of the holidays, Sarah and Nicole did not post a lot of memes. As a result of this, there was only one "In My Mailbox" post (hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren) and zero "Waiting on Wednesday" posts (hosted by Jill at the Breaking Spine).

Standing in place for the lack of meme posts, Sarah and Nicole made a few BATCH posts. Being A Thursday Cover Hoard posts are listed below along with the one "In My Mailbox" post. Enjoy!

12/3/12 -- In My Mailbox (4)
12/6/12 -- BATCH (2) features Breathe by Sarah Crossan
-- BATCH (3) features Everneath, Maximum Ride, Of Poseidon, and Under the Never Sky
12/21/12 --
BATCH (4) features North of Beautiful by Justina Headley Chen


Below are posts about books. They are loosely related, so they are put together in this section to let you read them.

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Click here to read about upcoming books in 2013 that Nicole is looking forward to.


Hall of Fame is a collection of amazing books discovered by Nicole and Sarah.

This month, one book has made it to the Hall of Fame again. This book is...

Everneath by Brodi Ashton! Click here for a link to Sarah's 5 star review! Nicole has also read this book and she highly recommends it if you haven't read it already!


Like the last time, monthly features are usually kept a secret until you click on the link. So here's the link! Click here!


The exact review dates are still unknown at this point but beware: On the first week of January, Umbrella Dreams will start off the new year with 3 book reviews (there might be more). Some of them include the books up there, but there could be some surprises...


Thank you for sticking with Umbrella Dreams for another month! It's been a great two months book blogging and we hope you continue with us to the journey of books. Don't forget to subscribe and follow!(:  

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Have a happy new year! 2013, here we come!

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