Friday, December 21, 2012


Recap: BATCH is a meme created by Sarah. It is about anything cover-related. This week, we would like to introduce:

Books That We Read Because of Their Covers + the Results

Nicole's Thoughts:

Okay, so looking back, I realized that this cover wasn't as amazing as I remembered it to be. However, it has that simple look to it which I still like.

But anyways, the story is that I picked North of Beautiful up at Barnes & Noble. The reason why I did that was because it looked like the cover of Evermore by Alyson Noel (which I used to really like, but recently realized I hate it)

Of course, I didn't buy the book at Barnes & Noble. I have this weird habit of buying books I've read and liked. That's why my bookshelf is full of my most absolute favorites. But I couldn't help but check out North of Beautiful at the library, expecting to like it as much as I (used) to like Evermore, its cover twin.

I was wrong to expect that. Firstly, the book wasn't bad, but it didn't interest me at all. I thought I'd really love it, but it turned out to be quite boring. I started skimming the last half and flipping ahead for more captivating parts. The interesting part never came.

Nowadays, I don't remember much of the book, so I might give it a second try later on. But for now, I remember it as the book I read because of its cover.

So, that's the cover we wanted to introduce this week! What books have you read because of their covers? Let us know in the comments!

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