Thursday, December 6, 2012

BATCH! (2)

Batch is back! Being A Thursday Cover Hoard meme is actually quite hard to do. I feel like we're just doing books that we don't like and feel that the covers are misleading. Hopefully we'll have a different theme for the next batch as well as a picture motto we can use. :)

This BATCH we're doing a short rant about the book Breathe by Sarah Crossan.

First off, Breathe has a very pretty cover that's kind of symbolic in a way as well. It has a gigantic bubble (bubbles!) that symbolizes oxygen and cracked stones for the emptiness of the world around it. But do not be misleaded.

According to Nicole (who has read this book) Breathe was very disappointing. 

Nicole's words: About awhile ago, I was seeing Breathe on other bloggers' Waiting on Wednesday posts. There was a lot of hype about this book, in that the plot is frighteningly futuristic. Because of all the raves, I rushed to the library to get my copy. That was a big mistake; I didn't enjoy Breathe at all. Truth to be told, I fell asleep around the 100th page or so. No kidding. The characters were undeveloped. The change of POVs bothered me a lot, because we never really get to spend and/or get to know each character. The characters acted annoying. Alina, one of the main characters, seemed like a complete brat. Quinn, the other main character, was annoying. In the beginning, he had this crush on Alina because she was pretty, but he suddenly changed his mind halfway through. Instead, he started liking his best friend, Bea, who had been by his side all along. Ahem. Cliche much? But besides that, Bea was the only character I could actually stand. I felt slight sympathy for her, but she was a very 2-D character because she seemed weak. And on and on, the problems went. I don't even have that much space to write everything out. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy this book and I didn't finish it.

I think that explains what happened and the way she felt about this book. So I'm not sure what is floating around in Nicole's head currently, but be warned!

Are you Being A Thursday Cover Hoard? (Super cheesy line, I know)


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